B2B Lateral Thinking Solutions is a boutique consultancy operating from Cyprus and servicing private, corporate and institutional clients. Our team of dedicated, passionate and highly qualified professionals assists numerous clients across the EU, Russia and CIS countries.

Lateral thinking is not only a name. Lateral thinking defines how we approach problems and our work ethic. We partner up with our clients to uncover solutions through indirect avenues and by employing creative thinking.

Our clients enjoy an intellectual approach based on a variety of skills which clearly differentiates us from others. Amalgamating legal, accounting, international tax, actuarial and international banking skills results in solid, risk based and holistic approach to business solutions.

We recognise that the journey and the destination are equally important. As such, our long-term partnership approach is based on lasting solutions which are properly designed and thoroughly thought through. Traditional step-by-step logic is only employed when suitable – quick solutions are not necessarily appropriate for all problems.

We deliver service excellence and passionately work towards meeting our clients' needs in a timely manner. Experience acquired over the years has taught us that our success is measured by our clients` success. We price our services fairly and our rates are commensurate with the results we deliver.

We respect our clients and partners and focus on forming and cultivating strong and positive professional relationships through dedicated work, in-depth understanding of contemporary business needs and high standard of services.

As a multilingual team with international experience, we quickly identify and resolve cultural and language related barriers that often arise.

In order to ensure that we have a full understanding of our clients' business in the context of legal, economic and cultural aspects of the jurisdictions they operate in, we have a well-established network and working experience with reputable firms in all major commercial centres.

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