At B2B Lateral Thinking Solutions we recognise that our clients` needs have no geographical boundaries. As such, we have built our offering to span across jurisdictions and be global in nature. We provide solutions directly where we have in-house expertise and we employ our associates where local knowledge is necessary.

Such an unbounded framework is beneficial for both our clients and us.

  • Single point of contact - Concentration of responsibility can ease administration pressures and reduce costs. We can assist with meaningful comparisons between and share experiences for different locations. B2B Lateral Thinking Solutions remain responsible and accountable to the client directly, unless otherwise agreed.

  • No conflicts of interest - We do not favor a particular location nor do we "sell" a specific solution. Also, such a framework provides a comfortable environment even when changes need to take place. Changing jurisdictions and / or structures can be really strenuous. Having to change service providers / consultants at the same time can add to this burden.

  • Cost efficiencies - These can be explored when all options are on the table. Often, clients are presented with what's available rather than all possible solutions. Optimising costs when considering one or three locations is somewhat different to optimising costs when examining all possible jurisdictions. B2B Lateral Thinking Solutions can provide a holistic solution and explore possible synergies and economies to achieve cost optimisation, wherever possible.

  • Innovation - Clever structuring ideas across a combination of places can only be feasible when a cross-jurisdictional approach is employed.

  • Dynamism - In a fast moving world, static solutions due to physical presence restrictions are doomed to lag behind. B2B Lateral Thinking Solutions are at the forefront of technology and innovation in the consulting arena.

  • Tested Solutions - The best ideas are the ones that in theory achieve the required results and have been tested in practice. For example, if a country provides Trust Law but it has only been in effect for a few years, would you feel comfortable employing this solution, given it hasn't been tested? Or, would you rather look to have a Trust in another jurisdiction with a mature framework tested in courts numerous times?

A great resource for obtaining information on many vehicles in different jurisdictions is

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